Mechanical Services

Heating System

With sustainability at the core of everything we do, we consider all heating options based on the project budget and the latest sustainability requirements set by BREEAM (and others) providing the best balance between cost, efficiency, sustainability and payback periods.


Poor ventilation is one of the main causes for damp in properties due to the increasing air-tightness required by Building Regulations. Getting the correct ventilation strategy in place from the beginning which compliments the heating system is essential and can make use of natural ventilation where possible to reduce running costs and environmental impact.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Chilled Water

Equally as important as heating systems, air-conditioning , refrigeration and chilled water systems provide thermal comfort for primary care facilities, office spaces, retail units, hotels and residential units. Running costs can quickly escalate however, with our integrated approach to both mechanical and electrical engineering, we can provide solutions to offset running costs and lower energy costs.

Water, Waste Water and Drainage

Whilst clean water for human consumption is essential for our survival, we want to ensure that waste water is safely carried away from your premises and discharged with the correct consents meeting environmental and planning conditions. We can provide drainage assessments and flood risk assessments to ensure full compliance along with avoiding structural damage to your building caused by water.

If you are planning your next project and need help to navigate through your options to save costs on installation and/or running costs, we can do an initial survey to fully understand your needs and present your options with cost estimates to keep your costs lower in the planning phase.


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